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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

Maintains a quick and accurate record of attendance under different categories- day wise, subject wise and class wise and generates the complete report, which qualifies them to appear in the examination.

Attendance Management System

This is an Online Student Attendance Management System for educational institutions that maintains a quick and accurate record of attendance of students. This module is available to student dashboard as well from which they can cite the causes of absences. Attendance Management System helps admin in imposing fines for absences/late comings. Based on the attendance per cent of students, they are allowed to sit in examination.

Online Attendance Management System bridges the effective communication between students, teachers, and parents by keep them notified about their wards' attendance via Email or SMS. Even for teachers, marking attendance for each student for each class becomes boring as well as time consuming task, so School Management software includes this attendance management system software to perform this task as it saves a lot of time.

In A.T.S.I., you can record student's attendance in following ways:

 Class wise attendance.

Day wise attendance.

Subject wise attendance

Class wise attendance

If you want to record attendance of the students for each period, then class wise attendance will be suitable for you. Class wise attendance module displays all the periods assigned in day to a selected teacher/professor, as per your school time table definition. Teachers can choose a particular period and mark students present or absent.

Day Wise Attendance

This module allows educational institutions to take day wise attendance. In this case, it can be assumed that student is either present/absent for all lectures/activities of the class room. So, the attendance can be taken at start or end of the day. This also allows you to send student's daily attendance via SMS/Email.

Subject Wise Attendance

Subject wise attendance allows the teachers to mark the attendance for their subjects which can be checked by parents as well. This is an easier way to check the attendance of any subject for any student.
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